Sativa  Chocolate Diesel

Chocolate Diesel boasts an infamous history that traces back to a Swiss sativa plant initially confiscated by the gendarme. Eventually, this resilient plant found asylum in Holland, where it became the cornerstone of breeding efforts at Paradise Seeds. Through careful hybridization with other strains, Swiss Bliss emerged as a predominantly sativa hybrid renowned for its unique characteristics.

Key Features:

  • Genetic Origin: Descended from a Swiss sativa plant seized by authorities and later hybridized at Paradise Seeds in Holland.
  • Growing Conditions: Swiss Bliss plants are robust and resilient, thriving best indoors. They typically flower over a period of 9 weeks. Despite their abundant branching, they require ample space to reach their full potential.
  • Yield: With sufficient space, Bliss plants are capable of producing remarkably high yields, making them a preferred choice among growers seeking bountiful harvests.
  • Appearance: Flowers of Swiss are characterized by their frosty crystals, indicating high potency. They often exhibit an aromatic profile reminiscent of sour fruits, adding to their allure.


Chocolate Diesel stands out as a predominantly sativa hybrid with a rich history and exceptional growing characteristics. Its ability to yield high quantities of potent flowers, coupled with its unique aroma, makes it a sought-after strain among cannabis enthusiasts and growers alike.

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