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Experience Pure Pulls (Blue Dream) – 1000mg

Indulge in the finest quality cannabis oil with Pure Pulls (Blue Dream) – 1000mg. Distilled using the same meticulous process as all our other vape oils and pens, this product delivers unparalleled purity and potency. Whether you’re adding it to your recipes, dabbing it, vaping it, or consuming it in any other way, rest assured you’re getting the best in Pure Pulls quality.

Pure Pulls Reusable Kits:

  • 1 x Vape Cartridgergeable battery
  • 1 x USB adapter battery charger

Each Cartridge contains 1000mg of CO2 oil with a THC potency of 70.4%.

Varieties to Choose From:

Select from our range of six distinct strains:

  1. Grand Daddy Purple – Indica
  2. Strawberry Banana Kush – Indica
  3. Sunset Sherbet – Indica
  4. Blue Dream – Hybrid
  5. Girl Scout Cookies – Hybrid
  6. Tangie – Sativa

Directions for Use:

  • No Button Required: Simply inhale until the logo on the other side lights up, then exhale gradually. Wait 5-10 minutes before the next treatment. Note: A fully energized vape pen burns hotter.

How to Recharge the Vape:

  1. Unfasten the oil charger (mouthpiece) from the cooking mechanism.
  2. Screw the cooking mechanism into the USB mount adapter (provided) and plug it into a charger (not provided).

Blue Dream Strain:

Experience a burst of fruity flavor and fragrance with Blue Dream, a hybrid strain crafted from Bubble Gum and Banana Kush. While predominantly Indica, Blue Dream offers a perfect balance of natural fruity flavors, including strawberries and hints of bubble gum, making it a popular choice for strategic smoking.


  • Slow Onset: Unlike other Indica-dominant strains, Blue Dream’s effects begin gradually, but its high THC content (around 26%) ensures a potent and lasting experience. Users often experience psychoactive effects, making it ideal for stress relief, depression, and sleep deprivation.
  • Creativity and Focus: Blue Dream is known to clear concerns and pains while keeping users imaginative, bright, and full of ideas for their projects and tasks.

Side Effects:

  • Drowsiness: Blue Dream may cause drowsiness, making it ideal for nighttime use.
  • Dry Eyes and Mouth: Like most cannabis strains, users may experience dry eyes and mouth.


Pure Pulls (Blue Dream) offers the highest quality, expertly refined cannabis products for your enjoyment. Explore our vape section for Pure Pull refills and cartridges, and discover why experienced vapers prefer Pure Pulls Canada CO2 extracted oil for its natural and solvent-free composition.

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